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Ropes Group

HeyDay's Ropes Course is taking fun to new heights! Located indoors, above the large arcade room, the Ropes Course gives you an experience that's exciting for all ages. Once you've been equipped with your safety harnesses, you'll get to explore the multi-path jungle of ropes, balance beams, planks and bridges. It's up to you to choose the route you want and create your own adventure!

Ropes Course Experience Information:

Step 1: Make a reservation
  • Reservations are strongly recommended, especially with larger parties.
Step 2: Sign a waiver
  • A signed waiver is required before anyone may use the Ropes Course. Those under 18 must also have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Step 3: Dress appropriately
  • Closed toe shoes must be worn at all times on the Ropes Course. Shoes are available for rental for $2.00.
  • No spaghetti strap tops, skirts, short shorts or dresses
  • No "sagging" jeans, slacks or shorts
Ropes Course Pricing:*
  • One session (15 minutes) - $7.00
  • Two sessions - $12.00
  • Three sessions - $16.00
Combinations Packages (Best Value):*
  • Laser Tag and choice of Ropes or Mini-Golf - $13.00
  • Ropes Course and Mini-Golf - $12.50
  • Laser Tag, Ropes Course and Mini-Golf - $18.00

You must be 48" or taller to participate in the Ropes Course.

Ropes Course Safety:
The Ropes Course experience is the premier in safety with a tracking system that actually locks the participant into the system where they will not be disengaged except by another facilitator that works on the zip wire. The participant is girth hitched by a tether into their harness which eliminates the need for a carabiner that in some instances could come loose, thereby keeping you safe the entire time they are in the air.

The second and most important aspect about our tracking system is that we have a slider that goes into the system that follows the participants where ever they go on the course and can never come out of the track unless another facilitator releases it. We refer to this as the “puck” because we want participants to remember the white part is what goes into the system and will keep them safe no matter where they traverse an element.

Each participant is in a full body harness and is encouraged to challenge each element as they feel comfortable. If they need to hang on to everything that is provided for them to traverse the element then that is fine, if they would like more of a challenge, then hang on to fewer and fewer of the elements that are hanging down for them to grab. They can even go as far as to traverse the element without holding on to anything, if they do fall the slider and the harness will not let them go more then about 3 to 4 inches, and they can get up and continue on.

At no time will any participant be made to do any element and will be let down if they so desire. They will be encouraged to give their 100%. This is their experience and it is meant to be a positive one, not one that is full of fear to a point to which it becomes negative. There is plenty for them to do, encourage, spot other people, get people down off the zip line, and much more. They will not just be sitting around, they will be engaged, it is still their day, just because they decided not to climb takes nothing away.

*Prices are per person and are subject to tax. HeyDay reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion.

Ropes Course equipment by Ropes Courses Inc.